Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summertime and the Reading is Free

Since this is their 60th Anniversary, Harlequin have been giving away free ebooks. When I first saw this offer, there were sixteen books available, in a variety of formats. A seventeenth book (a medical romance) has now been added to the collection of free books and all of them are available for download from I'm not sure how long these books will continue to be available for free. I'd assume it would be till at least the end of the anniversary year.

Avon's also been offering free books via its "Love Gives Back" page, but the books have to be read online and are only available for a month before they're replaced by the next month's offerings. To find the free reads, scroll down to the foot of the page.

Samhain's authors are giving away free short stories in pdf format via the Samhellion Free eBook Library. This seems to be a permanent library.

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