Forthcoming Conferences


A three-part series of free online events about African and Black Diaspora Romance has been co-sponsored by DePaul University’s Center for Black Diaspora, the Center for Contemporary Literature and Culture, University of Birmingham, and the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance.

The first event was on Black Romance in the United States, and it included a roundtable discussion on Friday, September 17 and a masterclass on pedagogy and scholarship on Black Romance on Saturday the 18th. The others will be an event on Black British Romance (20 October) and in Africa (November).

The first two events were recorded and videos of them are now available:

20 November - Georgette Heyer conference organised by Romancing the Gothic. Details here.
6-8 December 2021 - Concepts in Popular Genre Fiction, Deakin University. Details of the call for papers here.



13-16 April - PCA/ACA Conference. Details about the romance area here.

If you know of another conference which should be added to this list, please contact Laura Vivanco.

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