Thursday, June 16, 2022

New: Courtney Milan, Historical Romance, Teaching Romance, Podcasts, Mills & Boon Vintage Covers, New Frontiers, and more

I'm going to start with the two new articles in the Journal of Popular Romance Studies for the entirely biased reason that one of them is by me.

There have been a couple of podcasts that I thought would be of interest to readers of this blog:

In the first, Lucy Hargrave gives an overview of her PhD research:

In other news, Angela Toscano has joined forces with Molly Keran (a PhD student) and Candy Tan (who I think is the same Candy who used to be half of Smart Bitches Trashy Books) and in this first episode they're discussing bodice rippers:

The University of Reading has been cataloguing their Mills & Boon romance collection and as part of that process they've been digitising many of covers. You can find them here, mostly sorted by decade:

New Frontiers in Popular Romance: Essays on the Genre in the 21st Century, edited by Susan Fanetti, appears to be available now as an ebook but is still forthcoming in the print version. It includes:

  • "Healing Toxic Masculinity in Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen" - Jonathan A. Allan
  • "From Darcy to Dickheads: Why Do Women Love the Bad Boy?" - Ashleigh Taylor Sullivan
  • "Tingles and Shivers: First Kisses and Intimate Civility in Eliza Redgold’s Historical Harlequin Romances Pre–and Post-#MeToo" - Debra Dudek, Elizabeth Reid Boyd, Madalena Grobbelaar, and Rose Williams
  • "I Thought You’d Never Ask: Consent in Contemporary Romance" - Courtney Watson
  • "“Say, could that lass be I?” Outlander, Transmedial ­Time-Travel, and Women’s Historical Fantasy" - Ashley Elizabeth Christensen
  • "“Place the glass before you, and draw in chalk your own picture”: The Recasting of Jane Eyre" - Lucy Sheerman
  • "“The Realness” in Jasmine Guillory’s Sista Lit Rom Com Novels" - Camille S. Alexander
  • "Eating Disorders and Romance" - Ellen Carter
  • "The “Grandly and Inhospitably Strange” World of Autistic Heroines in Romance Fiction" - Wendy Wagner
  • "Women Policing Whiteness: Deviance and Surveillance in Contemporary Police Procedural Romance" - Nattie Golubov
  • "“I’m a mehfil, I’m a gathering to which everyone is invited”: Reading “Outcast” Romances in Arundhati Roy’s Fiction" - Lucky Issar
  • "The System That Loves Me: The State of Human Existence in ­Web-Based Romantic Fiction from ­Post-Socialist China" - Jin Feng
  • "Original Slash, Romance, and C.S. Pacat’s Captive Prince" - Maria Albert

You can find an excerpt here and the publisher's page about the book is here.

Two other new items are:

  • Frederick, Rhonda D. (2022). Evidence of Things Not Seen: Fantastical Blackness in Genre Fictions. Rutgers University Press. [One of the chapters reads Colin Channer's Waiting in Vain as a romance.]

As always, I've added the details about all these new items to the Romance Scholarship Database. I thought I should just mention that I do also sometimes find and add items which are new to me but which are older, and I don't usually post about those here at Teach Me Tonight.

Sunday, June 05, 2022

New (and one forthcoming) publications: Comics, Masculinities, Love, Readers, Happiness, Heyer and more

The Observer published an article about British romance comics of the 1950s and 60s, with mention of a forthcoming publication on the topic: 

Here are the new publications:

Eirini Arvanitaki's
 Masculinities in Post-Millennial Popular Romance (New York: Routledge) was published in mid May.

Belk, Jaime (2022). Save Our Love. Creative Writing Masters Thesis, Liberty University.

Fekete, Maleah (2022). "Confluent Love and the Evolution of Ideal Intimacy: Romance Reading in 1980 and 2016." Journal of Popular Romance Studies 11.

Gehrmann, Susanne (2022). "Varieties of Romance in Contemporary Popular Togolese Literature." Routledge Handbook of African Popular Culture, ed. Grace A. Musila. Routledge: London.

Golubov, Nattie (2022). "La promesa de felicidad: la novela rosa y el placer de la lectura afectiva." El placer de la lectura: cuerpos, afectos, textos. Ed. Nattie Golubov. Ciudad de México. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 65-94.

Hernandez, Carmen E. (2022) Romance and Revolution. Master of Arts dissertation, Texas State University.

Jan, Jariah Mohd and Diana Abu Ujum (2022). "Negotiating Conflicts amongst Muslim Female Characters in Malay Romance Novels: A Narratological Perspective." Muslim Women’s Writing from across South and Southeast Asia. Ed. Feroza Jussawalla, Doaa Omran. Routledge. New York.

O'Brien, Lee (2022). "Telling Gaps and Domestic Tyranny: Georgette Heyer’s Regency Romances." Journal of Popular Romance Studies 11.