Sunday, June 05, 2022

New (and one forthcoming) publications: Comics, Masculinities, Love, Readers, Happiness, Heyer and more

The Observer published an article about British romance comics of the 1950s and 60s, with mention of a forthcoming publication on the topic: 

Here are the new publications:

Eirini Arvanitaki's
 Masculinities in Post-Millennial Popular Romance (New York: Routledge) was published in mid May.

Belk, Jaime (2022). Save Our Love. Creative Writing Masters Thesis, Liberty University.

Fekete, Maleah (2022). "Confluent Love and the Evolution of Ideal Intimacy: Romance Reading in 1980 and 2016." Journal of Popular Romance Studies 11.

Gehrmann, Susanne (2022). "Varieties of Romance in Contemporary Popular Togolese Literature." Routledge Handbook of African Popular Culture, ed. Grace A. Musila. Routledge: London.

Golubov, Nattie (2022). "La promesa de felicidad: la novela rosa y el placer de la lectura afectiva." El placer de la lectura: cuerpos, afectos, textos. Ed. Nattie Golubov. Ciudad de México. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 65-94.

Hernandez, Carmen E. (2022) Romance and Revolution. Master of Arts dissertation, Texas State University.

Jan, Jariah Mohd and Diana Abu Ujum (2022). "Negotiating Conflicts amongst Muslim Female Characters in Malay Romance Novels: A Narratological Perspective." Muslim Women’s Writing from across South and Southeast Asia. Ed. Feroza Jussawalla, Doaa Omran. Routledge. New York.

O'Brien, Lee (2022). "Telling Gaps and Domestic Tyranny: Georgette Heyer’s Regency Romances." Journal of Popular Romance Studies 11.

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