Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Praise for TMT

Yes, I'll stop sunning myself and start writing a serious post soon, but I just want to bask in the glow of praise for Teach Me Tonight for a little while first!
The work that they are doing is, in my mind, just as admirable, or even more so, than getting published in the top journals. They are damning the torpedoes, breaking new ground, changing minds, encouraging and supporting young scholars and grad students, cajoling old timers to switch gears [...], starting up a new journal and organization, forging key connections with the industry
Apart from giving me that warm glow, Jessica's introduction to an interview with me about Teach Me Tonight also provides a little bit more context in which to place Eric's recent post about how romance scholarship fits in with traditional academic career paths. The good news in Eric's post was that the university committee assessing his job performance
said not one word against the unexpected turn my research has taken, from poetry to popular romance. As far as the committee was concerned, the topics of my work were just fine. I just needed to get things published--and to do so in peer-reviewed venues.

The photo is of a wet lovebird (couldn't resist that, given the topic of our scholarship), sunning itself, from Wikimedia Commons.

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