Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Lost Duke of Obama!

Separated at birth?


  1. You're strange, Eric, you know that?! ;) But we love you anyway.

    When I was volunteering (WAY too many hours) for the campaign, the full-time campaign workers had pictures on their desks. Children and family, sure, but many of them had pictures of the Obamas, too, framed on their desk. This picture is one that showed up on more than one desk of the female campaign workers, so, yes, it was definitely seen as an incredibly romantic picture. :)

  2. I reckon this is Eric exploring one of the fields opened up by the draft IASPR mission statement: this juxtaposition is his first attempt at "promoting the scholarly exploration of all forms, genres, and media of popular romance."

  3. I've had the offer of review copies of some porn. Yes, yes, I know, that's what we all say, right?! :)

    But no, this is special porn: Comstock Films, in which they film two people having sex, usually NOT porn stars, who are in a real relationship. So you can feel the love and respect and honor in the relationships come (harhar) through in the film of them having sex. You get snippets of the two people talking about their relationship interspersed with snippets of their sex.

    I actually already own two of these films, and they're both great. So, porn and romance. This is precisely why I want IASPR/JPRS to be more than popular romance FICTION.

  4. The films could be a way to prove that romance fiction is NOT porn... ;)

    And I think it's very cool that the Obamas could be romance cover models.