Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sheiking Up Academia

Amy Burge has been
amongst the first to bring together critical work on Middle English romance and modern popular romance. I focus in particular on romances which figure relationships between ‘east’ and ‘west’; Middle English romances with relationships between Saracens and Christians (in particular Bevis of Hampton, Floris and Blancheflur and The King of Tars) and a number of Mills & Boon ‘Modern Romance’ novels featuring sheikh heroes.
What Amy didn't mention when she posted here about the recent publication of her "Do knights still rescue damsels in distress?: Reimagining the medieval in Mills & Boon historical romance," is that she has now received official confirmation that she has been awarded a doctorate and will be graduating in January from the University of York.

I'm sure Christine de Pizan would have been very pleased to welcome you to the City of Ladies.

Congratulations, Amy!

The image of Christine de Pizan came from Wikimedia Commons.

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