Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Napkin that Changed the World

Today the Popular Romance Project has an interview up with Eric and Sarah, in which they mention the napkin which started a whole new field of academic study. Romance scholarship, of course, not napkin-folding.

And Laurie Kahn has a few questions:
For those of you who are romance readers and writers, have you spoken with any of these scholars? What do you think of their attempts to look at popular romance seriously?
For those of you who are scholars, what kinds of research are you doing? Has IASPR made a difference in your life?

The first image came from Wikimedia Commons (via the Deutsche Fotothek of the Saxon State Library (SLUB) as part of a cooperation project). It shows "Technik des Serviettenfaltens - Die X. Figur" and I can't resist including another of the illustrations from the same book:

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  1. You beat me to the punch, Laura--and did a much better job with the illustration than I would have. I just wish we'd saved that original napkin. Who knew?