Saturday, April 04, 2009

Write up of ARRC 2009

Last year I mentioned that some of the sessions at the Australian Romance Readers Convention (Melbourne 20-22 February 2009 ) would include input from romance scholars. On the programme there was the following:
Saturday 21 February (10.00 am - 10.30am) - Panel discussion: What academics really think about romance fiction— Glen Thomas, Toni Johnson-Woods, Jenny Brassel

Sunday 22 February — Future of romance: Where to from here? Bronwyn Parry, Glen Thomas, Christina Lee (Harlequin Mills And Boon Australia)
Thanks to BookThingo I've now found write-ups of the panel on "what academics really think about romance fiction" and the one about the future of romance.


  1. Laura, there's supposed to be an audio recording of all but one of the panels but I think the committee is still working out how they'll be sold.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Kat.