Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Twittering PCA

Sarah S. G. Frantz

We are all beginning to wend our way to New Orleans for the 2009 Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Annual Conference. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning and already have lunch, dinner, and after dinner drink plans with other participants.

But before I leave, I want to say that I, at least, will be Twittering the conference. I will use the searchable hashtag #pcaromance (if I remember) for all my PCA Tweets. So just search #pcaromance at
http://search.twitter.com and you'll find my Tweets and hopefully those of @RRRJessica, too! Oh, and Crystal Jordan! And anyone else who Twitters and goes to the romance panels! :)

I will also eventually blog the panels. But I'm not going to make the same promise this year that I did in the previous two years about live-blogging it. It just doesn't work. I will live-Twitter. I will blog afterwards. As, I hope, will Jessica at Racy Romance Reviews.

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