Tuesday, November 30, 2021

New Publications: Romantic Love, Translation, Brazil and Malaysia

The Routledge Companion to Romantic Love
was published today and "is an multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary reference work essential for students and researchers interested in the field of love, romance and popular romance fiction. This [is a] first-of-its-kind volume illustrating the broad and interdisciplinary nature of Love Studies." Of the 32 chapters, around half are about romance fiction. The table of contents is available here.

Some other recently published works are:

Billekens, Franciska (2021). The Editor and Translator's Passionate Embrace: Cultural and Linguistic Alterations in Translated Harlequin Category Romance Novels. Masters thesis, Radboud University.

Carlos, Giovana Santana (2021). "Literatura pop feminina: as fãs de romance no Brasil." Comunicação e Culturas Urbanas: temas, debates e perspectivas. Ed. Simone Luci Pereira, Thiago Tavares das Neves e Fernanda Elouise Budag. INTERCOM. 189-216 

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