Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Issue of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies

"The Journal of Popular Romance Studies started publishing almost exactly five years ago: August 4, 2010" (Selinger) and Issue 5.1 is now available, for free, online.

Special Issue: Romancing the Library (Editor’s Introduction)
by Crystal Goldman

A Matter of Meta: Category Romance Fiction and the Interplay of Paratext and Library Metadata - by Vassiliki Veros
Love in the Digital Library: A Search for Racial Heterogeneity in E-Books - by Renee Bennett-Kapusniak and Adriana McCleer
Creating a Popular Romance Collection in an Academic Library - by Sarah E. Sheehan and Jen Stevens
Editor’s Note: Issue 5.1
True Love’s Kiss and Happily Ever After: the religion of love in American film - by Jyoti Raghu
Chick Lit in Historical Settings by Frida Skybäck - by Helene Ehriander
Love in the Desert: Images of Arab-American Reconciliation in Contemporary Sheikh Romance Novels - by Stacy E. Holden
Stacy Holden’s “Love in the Desert”: An Author’s Response - by Megan Crane
14 Weeks of Love and Labour: Teaching Regency and Desert Romance to Undergraduate Students - by Karin Heiss
An Interview with Susan Elizabeth Phillips - by Eric Murphy Selinger
Review: Conjugations: Marriage and Form in New Bollywood Cinema, by Sangita Gopal; Censorship and Sexuality in Bombay Cinema, by Monika Mehta
Review: The Contradictions of Love: Towards a feminist-realist sociosexuality, by Lena Gunnarsson
Review: The Problem with Pleasure: Modernism and its Discontents, by Laura Frost
Review: Sex, or the Unbearable, by Lauren Berland and Lee Edelman; Overcoming Objectification: A Carnal Ethics, by Ann J. Cahill; Erotic Memoirs and Postfeminism: The Politics of Pleasure, by Joel Gwynne

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