Monday, January 06, 2014

CFP: Medical Narratives in Popular Culture

Since medicals are a long-established sub-genre of popular romance, I thought this conference might be of interest:

Call for Papers: Medical Imaging II: Medical Narratives in Late Modern Popular Culture, September 11th/12th 2014, Ulm University

there is hardly any research on medical theory, history of medicine, medical ethics and ‘medical practice’ narratives in (still) marginal media such as computer games, comics, etc. Nevertheless, these media forms play an increasingly strong role in the shaping of a collective structure of cognition. Secondly, the interdependencies and exchange processes between Popular Culture and science – particularly with regard to biosciences and life sciences – are explored unsatisfactory.

Therefore, particularly contributions to the following research questions are of interest for the conference “Medical Imaging II: Medical Narratives in Late Modern Popular Culture”.

1. Theoretical research: Which (reciprocal) transfer processes occur between medical science and Popular Culture? What are the consequences of such exchange processes at the ontological, epistemological, scientific, social, aesthetic, narrative, etc. level?

2. Empirical research: Which trends of implementation of medical knowledge into Popular Culture can be observed since the 1950s? Which fictional and aesthetic changes are subject to this influence in movies, comics, computer games and popular science media?

To what extent can retroactive effects be determined, for example in the context of the development of medical imaging techniques, formations of medical education (keyword ‘gamification '), research (keyword ‘visualization of medical knowledge'), the placement of medical knowledge or the relationship between doctor and patient (keyword ,social networks')?

The conference language is English. Deadline for abstracts (450 words max.) is January 31st, 2014 (extended deadline). A publication of the contributions is intended.

More details here.

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