Thursday, January 02, 2014

CFP: The Aesthetics of Love

Call for Papers Aesthetics 24:1 (June 2014)
Theme: The Aesthetics of Love

Aesthetics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published online. The journal is indexed through a wide number of scholarly indexing services. For the June 2014 issue, we are inviting papers that explore the theme of the aesthetics of love. This may include explorations of the aesthetic dimensions of love in the arts or in popular culture. Philosophical enquires into the nature and expression of love in culture, as well as papers addressing the social aesthetics of love (e.g., etiquettes) will also be welcomed. 

Contact Dr Zoe Alderton or Ms Vivien Cinque with expressions of interest and abstracts before January 9, 2014 at or Manuscripts will be required by May 1, 2014. See below for a list of suggested research areas. You can view 2013 issues of Aesthetics online at or the journal’s rationale at

Suggested research areas:
  • The ontology of love
  • Love and Eros
  • Representations of love in the arts or popular culture
  • Intimacy and love
  • Love of the nation
  • Love of the land
  • Love of place
  • The aesthetics of love magic
  • Sexuality and love
  • Filial love
  • The aesthetics of absent love
  • Love and death
  • Cyber-based representations of love and intimacy
  • Feminist readings of love
  • Love of material culture

For information regarding submission guidelines go online to

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