Sunday, June 09, 2013

New Publication: Romance Readers and Interpersonal Sensitivity

In an article that's still in press, titled "What You Read Matters: The Role of Fiction Genres in Predicting Interpersonal Sensitivity," Katrina Fong, Justin B. Mullin and Raymond A. Mar explain that they
investigated the role of four fiction genres (i.e., Domestic Fiction, Romance, Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller) in the relationship between fiction and interpersonal sensitivity, controlling for other individual differences. Participants completed a survey that included a lifetime print-exposure measure along with an interpersonal sensitivity task. Some, but not all, fiction genres were related to higher scores on our measure of interpersonal sensitivity. Furthermore, after controlling for personality, gender, age, English fluency, and exposure to nonfiction, only the Romance and Suspense/Thriller genres remained significant predictors of interpersonal sensitivity.
I've got a bit more about this, and the perception and reception of romance among non-romance-readers, at my blog.

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