Friday, June 17, 2011

CFP: Academic Monographs and Essay Collections

Pickering & Chatto "are currently seeking proposals for two new series, Literary Texts and the Popular Marketplace, and Gender and Genre." Both series "will be aimed at the academic, research and advanced postgraduate markets."

Gender and Genre

Series Editor: Ann Heilmann

This series is dedicated to publishing intellectually innovative and diverse studies on the relationship between gender and genre from the Renaissance to the contemporary.

Studies on women as authors or readers have regularly sought to negotiate the issue of genre in interpreting gendered forms of writing and reading. Are there historically specific types of publication that speak to different genders? Is there such a thing as a woman’s or man’s text? And how consciously do writers across historical periods play with the seemingly gendered conventions of specific modes of writing? This series opens up the study of the particularity of gender in relation to the aesthetic forms and media used by writers across different periods.
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Literary Texts and the Popular Marketplace

Series Editors: Kate Macdonald and Ann Rea

In the past, critics and writers anxious to build the canon have often focused on the 'highbrow' or high culture dismissing other writers to the derogatory category of 'middlebrow' or 'popular' literature. Some writers and texts actively resisted such prejudices or embraced popular appeal through a willingness to address a wide audience. Other texts were dismissed from the canon because they were written by women, addressed women’s concerns, or because they appeared connected with strands of the middle- and working-class inimical to high culture.

This series offers monographs and edited collections of essays that examine the extents and effects of writing that resists the uncritical embrace of the highbrow. Crossing both cultural and geographic boundaries, it will bring together interdisciplinary studies of texts, writers, readers, producers and distributors. It will highlight current debates about the politics of mainstream readerships and media, about the designation of audiences and material methods of circulation and will address contemporary critical concerns. By attending to how these texts resist the 'high' cultural imperative it is possible to learn how culture is commodified for particular classes and the role that gender and social class play in the production of those categories.
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