Monday, October 31, 2022

Testing for Twitter Deletions

There's a lot of people talking about leaving Twitter at the moment and/or locking/deleting posts. So, I'm going to try testing to see what happens if an embedded tweet on here is subsequently deleted.

I made the post go live. Here's what the page then looked like:

Screenshot of this blog post when it was called "Testing". It shows a paragraph of text followed by a tweet, complete with my twitter icon, a box around the tweet and the other usual Twitter graphics. Below it is a paragraph saying I'm going to make the test go live and I'll then delete the tweet on Twitter.

Then I deleted the tweet. I thought I'd leave this post up for a bit in case anyone's interested in the result, which is that the text that was in the original tweet remains even though the Twitter graphics are lost. I suspect that all images or quote tweets embedded in a deleted tweet will be lost, but this does reassure me that there won't just be blank spaces in the places on this blog where I've embedded tweets.

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