Saturday, April 30, 2016

University of Love Conference Agenda

The joint programme of events put together by the Romance Writers of Australia and Flinders University for the 2016 Romance Writers of Australia conference (18-21 August) is now online. It includes:

  • Cliteracy: Women and Sexual Pleasure in the Romance Novel
    - Presented by: Dr. Catherine Roach, New College, University of Alabama

  • Love and Listening: The Erotics of Talk in the Popular Romance Novel
    - Presented by: Dr. Jodi McAlister

  • The Genre World of Romance in the Twenty-First Century
    - Presented by: Dr. Lisa Fletcher, University of Tasmania; Dr. Beth Driscoll, University of Melbourne; Dr. Kim Wilkins, University of Queensland

  • Defying Decorative Objectification: The Appeal of the Heroine in Historical Western Romance Fiction.
    - Presented by: Dr. Amy Matthews, Flinders University

  • Representations of Single Mothers in Contemporary American Romance Fiction
    - Presented by: Ms. Michelle Douglas, University of Newcastle

  • The (Saggy) Bottom Line: Women of a “Certain Age” and Romance Fiction
    - Presented by: Dr. Sandra Barletta

Full details of all the papers and activities can be found here.

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