Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whose Affair Is It, Anyway? (Part 3 in an increasingly painful series)

So who is this set of posts about, anyway?

I've gotten some comments on post #2 and on Twitter that suggest it's pretty much all about me, here.  So let's put Berlatsky aside for a while, and think about that.

I haven't blogged here much in quite some time.  In that time, let's be honest, I haven't kept up with the romance blogosphere.  So maybe what's going on here is that Berlatsky's piece, or at least my email in it, made public my own diminishing engagement with the field--not in academic circles, but where it lives most lively, in posts and discussions on line?

Read most critically, those email exchanges (and maybe these posts as well) reveal that I've lost sight of two goals I had when I got into this business:  to give credit where credit was due, and to resist the temptation (and outside pressure) to set myself up as an expert, when I wasn't.

Has the JPRS editorship, and the PRP work, and the teaching, made me forget those goals?

I'm going to shut up for a while, and think about all this.

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