Monday, March 18, 2013

Scottish Romance: Comments Wanted

Professor Euan Hague, whose work on Scottish historical romance novels I quoted in a post about Scottish romances here at Teach Me Tonight, is interviewed today by one of the Word Wenches, Susan Fraser King, who writes that
A few months ago, Professor Hague contacted me to talk about fiction set in Scotland--and Scottish romance--as part of his research for his essay in an anthology for Edinburgh University Press regarding the Scottish cultural dispersion. Originally from Edinburgh, he left home to pursue an academic career and is now Associate Professor of Geography at DePaul University.
You might like to head over there and leave a comment because according to Euan Hague
The one piece missing from my puzzle is more reader input into the discussion. Some of the writers I interviewed shared a few reader comments with me, which were fascinating, and I look forward to gathering more reader opinion today at Word Wenches.

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  1. i love fictional works but knows little about Scottish fiction.