Wednesday, July 07, 2010

JPRS and IASPR update

According to the most recent IASPR newsletter, the first issue of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies is due to appear online in the first week of August:
The first issue of JPRS will contain five essays, an interview with Beverly Jenkins by Rita Dandridge (author of Black Women’s Activism: Reading African American Women’s Historical Romances); an essay review of Lisa Fletcher’s Historical Romance Fiction: Heterosexuality and Performativity by Pamela Regis (author of A Natural History of the Romance Novel); plus some shorter book reviews.

The five main essays are:

* “There Are Six Bodies in This Relationship: An Anthropological Approach to the Romance Genre,” by Laura Vivanco and Kyra Kramer

* “Getting a Good Man to Love: Popular Romance Fiction and the Problem of Patriarchy,” by Catherine Roach

* “There were three of us in this biography, so it was a bit crowded: The Biographer as Suitor and the Rhetoric of Romance in Diana: Her True Story” by Giselle Bastin

* “Historicizing The Sheik: Comparisons of the British novel and the American film,” by Hsu-Ming Teo

* “A Little Extra Bite: Dis/Ability and Romance in Tanya Huff and Charlaine Harris’s Vampire Fiction,” by Kathleen Miller

The shorter reviews are:

* A Vindication of Love: Reclaiming Romance for the Twenty-first Century, by Cristina Nehring (reviewed by romance author Pam Rosenthal)

* Romance and Readership in Twentieth-Century France: Love Stories, by Diana Holmes (reviewed by…)

* Northrop Frye’s Notebooks on Romance, by Northrop Frye (reviewed by Jonathan Allan)

* Reading Nora Roberts, by Mary Ellen Snodgrass (reviewed by An Goris)

You will be able to access the Journal at the first week of August, 2010. All articles will be open access. We are also allowing moderated commentary after each article to stimulate conversation about the issues each brings up.
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