Friday, July 13, 2012

Sarah Frantz Reviews and Edits

Sarah Frantz has reviewed Julie Moggan's documentary, Guilty Pleasures, about romance readers, a romance writer and a cover model and she's "angry about this movie [...]. Every time I think about it, I growl. I think Moggan was unforgivably cruel to all of her subjects but especially to the cover model." The complete review is up at Dear Author.

Sarah's now only a guest reviewer at Dear Author because she
left recently [...] to start a new venture: freelance editing. She opened Alphabet Editing, and is also thrilled to be working with Riptide Publishing. She’s already worked with the amazing Rachel Haimowitz on Power Play: Awakening, and is editing O Come, All Ye Kinky, which is exactly what it sounds like: an anthology of short, kinky romances, with 20% of proceedings going to the National Leather Association’s domestic violence initiative (the call for submissions closes August 1). A unique service she offers is BDSM manuscript consultation: if you write BDSM or poly, she can read your manuscript with an eye for physical and psychological realism in your characters and their activities. (from Keziah Hill's introduction to an interview with Sarah)
Alphabet Editing

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