Thursday, August 05, 2010

Volume 1.1 of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies is Here

Well, not exactly here, but over here. It's so hot off the virtual press that I haven't had a chance to read it all yet, but it does contain one paper with which I'm extremely well acquainted, since I co-wrote it: "There Are Six Bodies in This Relationship: An Anthropological Approach to the Romance Genre” by Laura Vivanco and Kyra Kramer". In it we discuss, among other things, Glittery HooHas, Mighty Wangs and Prisms.

The Journal has been designed to be somewhat interactive, as Eric Selinger mentions in his Editor's Note:
the Journal of Popular Romance Studies aims not simply to foster the study of romantic love in global popular media, but also to build a community that includes academics, independent scholars, industry professionals, and serious general readers. To that end, we have made JPRS a free, open-access journal, and we allow moderated comments on all of our articles. We look forward to the discussion that each may prompt, and to the new scholarship that will grow out of these exchanges.
I hope you'll enjoy reading, and perhaps commenting on, issue 1.1 of JPRS!

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