Monday, August 16, 2010

Laurie Kahn's Popular Romance Project

Sarah Frantz mentioned in March that "Laurie Kahn's Popular Romance Project (on which Eric and I have worked) [...] received $5000" from the Romance Writers of America and she added that
Pending funding, it'll start as a website with interactive portions led by scholars on particular aspects of popular romance (in fiction, film, pop culture, etc.), and then culminate in the film, a traveling exhibit/program with the American Library Association, and a one day symposium at the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress.
The NEH has now announced that it's awarding $48,000 to the Popular Romance Project:
Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc. Outright: $48,000
[America's Media Makers Development]
Project Director: Laurie Kahn
Project Title: Exploring the Romance Novel from Multiple Perspectives Across Time and Culture
Project Description: Final planning and scripting for a film, a symposium, and reading and discussion programs on how romance literature reflects universal themes of courtship, love, and intimacy.
At the moment a few test pages are all of the Project that's available online but they give an indication of the kinds of topics that may be included on the website once it's completed.

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