Monday, September 08, 2008

Miscellaneous Links

I thought I'd share some links to interesting blog posts about romance that I've come across recently.
  • Over at Dear Author they've been running a series called “If You Like” [...] hosted by various readers, authors and bloggers of Dear Author. The purpose of the post and the comments is to explore what we like about a particular iconic author and what other authors have books like the iconic author." I've already mentioned Sarah's contribution to the series. Today's "iconic author" is Jennifer Crusie, and Morgan S has included plenty of analysis as well as description of Crusie's novels.
  • Jessica at Read React Review thinks she's spotted a pattern: "in romance series featuring male siblings, you can often find the same character types."
new article by Aaker, Drolet, and Griffin in the Journal of Consumer Research [which] says our memories are less reliable for experiences that provoke mixed emotions. We tend to remember our feelings as more definite than they were, and over time we forget the intensity of our initial mixed feelings.
    she analyses some of the implications there might be for our perception of the books we've read.
The photo is of the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, was taken by Babak Gholizadeh, and is available via Wikipedia. Have you come across any interesting analysis of romance recently in the grand bazaar of romance blogs and websites?

In other news, both The Spiced Tea-Party and the Dishing with the Divas blogs are closing.

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