Friday, September 12, 2008

Eric's Romance Rorschach Test

You can read all about it at Romancing the Blog. Having done that, I went off to find out a little about about Rorschach tests, and now I'm wondering what it says about me that when I saw the Rorschach blot on the right I thought it looked like two house elves clinging to a bell.


  1. Well, to me that inkblot looks like the head of a really angry wild boar. I think I would have preferred the elves. :)

  2. Two woebegone coyotes stuck on opposite sides of a barbed wire fence?

  3. That was fun. I think that when the ink blot's being used properly the person interpreting it would also have the option to rotate it, so that might have changed our perceptions of it. I've got the house elves so firmly fixed in my mind, though, that I'm finding it tricky to see any of the things any of you have suggested.