Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bronwyn Clarke's Survey of Online Romance Communities

Bronwyn Clarke, down under at the University of New England in Australia, is doing her Ph.D. research on online romance communities. She has a survey for all of us to take, and has a blog that will discuss her research and (I assume) invite us all to participate those discussions.

As far as I can tell (and I've never been trained in any of this), it's a great survey. Short, sweet, but informative. I'm very much looking forward to her blog as well!

So, if you pop over here and read this, pop over to The Survey and contribute to romance-positive research!


  1. Sarah, thanks for posting about this! Yes, the blog is for participation in discussion; I'm very interested in listening to readers' and writers' views about a range of topics, so I'll be posing some questions for discussion over the next few months and hope many people will contribute to the conversations.

    I'll also post some updates on the research to the blog from time to time, to share the outcomes.

  2. Doing a Phd AND just finalled in the Golden Heart! Congratulations Bronwyn!

  3. Wow... this survey sounds very interesting... I'm headed over there now to see if it's still up.