Friday, May 02, 2014

CFP: Emergence of Popular Genres

I've just been made aware of the following call for papers. Since romance is one of the best-selling popular genres, I think it would be a shame if there weren't something about it in this volume.

The Making of Popular Culture

Call for contributions to a collection of essays, edited by Professor John Storey

This is a request for chapter proposals for a book I will edit with the working title The Making of Popular Culture. The aim of the book is to present a critical examination of the popular culture that emerged with the changes that transformed Britain in the nineteenth century from a rural to an urban society and from an agrarian to an industrial mode of production. I am looking for work on all aspects of the development of popular culture in this period, but would particularly welcome chapters on the following:

Music hall;
Newspapers and magazines;
Popular fiction (especially in relation to the emergence of popular genres);
Popular photography;
Popular theatre (especially stage melodrama);
Seaside holiday;
Sport (covering its development as a whole or focusing on particular sports); Transition from rural to urban popular culture.

It is also hoped that the topics covered will involve analysis that increases our understanding of the relations between culture and power. This might be in terms of ‘race’, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender, or any other marker of social difference.

Chapters should be 6,000 words, contain an overview of a particular type of popular culture, make an argument for its significance, and be written in a style that is accessible to undergraduate students studying cultural studies or other related disciplines.

Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words and a brief biographical note to me at The closing date for proposals is 15th May 2014.

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