Friday, April 26, 2013

Prices Slashed!

Well, one price, anyway!

At this year’s Popular Culture Association conference there was enough interest in Lisa Fletcher's book, Historical Romance Fiction:  Heterosexuality and Performativity (2008) that the publisher, Ashgate, decided to lower the price, making this important study much more readily available. 

Originally it sold for about $99 USD, but the price is now going to drop to $39.95/£19.99. If you order on line from Ashgate, the price seems to be $35.96 /£17.99.  Individual scholars and libraries are both going to be happy about that--and I'll be curious to see whether this change in the price puts Lisa's ideas into broader circulation, as the next few conferences come up.

The price cut hasn't shown up yet on Amazon, etc., but I gather it will in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile you can read the table of contents and the introduction at the Ashgate website:  there's some fascinating theoretical work here, and chapters on both popular and literary historical romances, which makes the book particularly useful if you're interested in teaching or talking about texts across that great divide.

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