Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CFP: Zombie Love, The Supernatural, and Trash

Zombie Romantic Comedies - Essay Collection
The recent re-animation of the zombie in popular culture has led to the creation of the “zombie romantic comedy,” or the zomromcom. Evidence of the zomromcom phenomenon can be found in books, movies, and on the internet. Articles are invited for an edited collection on issues related to any element of zombie romantic comedies. The following categories suggest possibilities for exploration but are by no means exhaustive:
• Love and zombies/the undead
• Love in the postapocalyptic world
• Romance and monstrosity
Deadline May 15, 2013. Full details here.

Supernatural Studies - A Journal
Supernatural Studies (ISSN 2325-4866), a new, peer-reviewed journal welcomes article and book review submissions for its first two issues (Spring and Fall 2013). We welcome articles on any aspect of the representation of the supernatural.
Standing submission dates are March 1 and October 1.
The journal focuses on representations of the supernatural in popular culture, including (but not limited to) art, literature, film, and television.
 Details can be found here as well as at Supernatural Studies' homepage.

Picking Through the Trash

English Graduate Students’ Association Conference at York University, Toronto
May 10th and 11th, 2013 
“I love trash!” – Oscar the Grouch

How many of us are willing to agree with Oscar, without any reservations? Even when claiming a love of trash culture, many of us take care to emphasize that this admiration happens at a distance. Phrases like “guilty pleasure” often accompany the admission, for we are aware we might be saying too much about ourselves, or aligning ourselves too closely with something whose main attraction might be its ability to be consumed easily, rapidly, and in large quantities. Yet designating someone or something as being trash or trashy reflects as much on the cultural commentators as on the given object. In this sense, “trash” is a political term, premised on notions of hierarchy and exclusion, even when we try to collapse these through kitsch or camp reclamations.
Deadline for submissions is March 15th, 2013. Full details here.

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