Saturday, January 14, 2012

Romantic Times with Eric and Sarah

Eric and Sarah are in the February issue of RT Book Reviews:
In the February issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS, we profiled the nonfiction academic study of romance, New Approaches to Popular Romance Fiction: Critical Essays, edited by two professors, Sarah S.G. Frantz and Eric Murphy Selinger. The volume, which will be published this year by McFarland, contains 18 essays about the romance genre and community, from luminaries in the academic world as well as romance authors and bloggers. The editors had so much to say about romances and genre fiction and their fascination with the books, that we wanted to continue the interview in online. So today we're bringing you the extended Q&A with the book's editors and RT Managing Editor Liz French.
The "extended Q&A" with Sarah and Eric can be found here and the list of "luminaries," their contributions and those of the other authors whose articles are included in the volume, can be found here.

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