Friday, December 16, 2011

PCA 2012 Deadline: December 21

This is a FINAL CALL for proposals for the Romance Area for the Popular Culture Association's 2012 Annual Conference, which is being held in Boston from April 11 - 14, 2012 (one week later than we have traditionally held it in the past).

Call For Papers: Romance Area

Deadline for submission: December 21, 2011.

We are interested in any and all topics about or related to popular romance: all genres, all media, all countries, all kinds, and all eras. All representations of romance in popular culture (fiction, stage, screen—large or small, commercial, advertising, music, song, dance, online, real life, etc.), from anywhere and any-when, are welcome topics of discussion.

This year we are especially interested in papers on Romance on/and/in Television, to be presented on panels jointly sponsored by the Romance and the TV areas.

The Romance Area is also co-sponsoring with the Gay/Lesbian/Queer area papers that discuss BDSM and Kink in any form. Representations of BDSM/Kink in popular media and/or discussions of real-life BDSM/Kink practices and practitioners are all welcome. Romance is not a necessary component of papers to be presented in BDSM/Kink.

We will consider proposals for individual papers, sessions organized around a theme, and special panels. Sessions are scheduled in one-hour slots, ideally with four papers or speakers per standard session.

If you are involved in the creative industry of popular romance (romance author/editor, film director/producer, singer/songwriter, etc.) and are interested in speaking on your own work or on developments in the representations of popular romance, please contact us!

As we do every year, the Romance area will meet in a special Open Forum to discuss upcoming conferences, work in progress, and the future of the field of Popular Romance Studies. All are welcome to attend.

Submit a one-page (200-300 words) proposal or abstract by December 21, 2011, to PCA's online database: Specify the Romance Area (for any/all of the topics) and Sarah Frantz, the Area Chair in Romance, will be notified.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah S. G. Frantz:

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