Monday, June 22, 2009

Adiós Diana Hamilton

The I Heart Presents blog reports that Diana Hamilton died last month. She was a prolific author who wrote around 50 novels for Harlequin Mills & Boon between 1986 and 2009. A posthumous novel, Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress, is due for publication later in the year.

Kate Walker, another HM&B author, remembers Hamilton as "a tiny woman with an infectious, live-wire personality." In an interview on the Mills & Boon website, when asked "What quote or personal saying do you live by? Who said it?" Hamilton replied "'I can do it!' — Me."

As she also revealed in that M&B interview, Spain was one of her favourite settings for her novels "because it’s fabulous and so romantic" so I thought I'd include a quotation from her A Spanish Vengeance: "Things left undone, important things, didn't bring a peaceful mind" (168). This seems to have been true with regards to her own life as a writer: in that interview she revealed that one of the things she liked least about being an author was the deadlines and "With typical professionalism she turned in her last book just a couple of months before she died" (Walker).

  • Hamilton, Diana. "A Spanish Vengeance." 2003. Spanish Affairs. Richmond, Surrey: Harlequin Mills & Boon, 2007.


  1. This is sad. I do like to read her books.
    Vale Diana. (Imagine the accent)


  2. I'm saddened to read of Ms. Hamilton's death. I was just on Ebay yesterday searching for some of her books. I liked her stories and sought them out because her characters generally acted like adults.

    Barbara B.