Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RWA Academic Research Grant

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Catherine Roach, Associate Professor of New College and Graduate Adjunct Faculty in Women’s Studies at the University of Alabama, for winning the 2009-2010 Romance Writers of America Academic Research Grant (past winners here). Her project is entitled, "Book Lovers: Love, Desire, and Fantasy in Popular Culture Romance Narratives," and rumors have it that it's a book project.

Previous work by Dr. Roach includes Stripping, Sex, and Popular Culture and Mother / Nature: Popular Culture and Environmental Ethics.

Dr. Roach tells me that she is also an aspiring romance author, so she certainly has a lot on her plate. She will be presenting at the PCA conference next month ("Rip My Bodice: Sex-Positive Culture and the Romance Novel Today" on Friday, April 10, 2:30-4:00pm), so we all look forward to meeting her there!


  1. Congrats to Catherine. I look forward to her paper next month!

    ps/ot -- sorry! Is there a program yet for the Princeton conference? Any linkage?

  2. Oh, good God, I wish. Bug Eric! It's almost almost ready, apparently, but Ah! Less than a month away!

  3. Soon! Soon! Last minute stuff about registration, etc., held up the official website a couple of days. I'll ask Bill right now if I can post a stopgap annoucement here today.