Sunday, July 15, 2007

2007 RITAs and Golden Hearts

The list of RITA award winners is now up at the Romance Writers of America's newly revamped website.

The list of winners of Golden Heart awards (for authors of as yet unpublished manuscripts) is also up there and one of the winners is Bronwyn Clarke.

I'd like to congratulate all the winners, but I'm giving a special mention to Bron because she's a fellow romance scholar. She's completing a PhD at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia and her 'research project will explore internet communities of romance readers and writers and their perspectives on the genre'. You can read more about her research here and if you'd like to help Bronwyn with her research please read this page and then fill out a response to her survey and comment on her research blog (not all of the posts are related to the research; some are more personal, so you may have to do a little bit of scrolling to find the questions).

The photo is from Wikipedia.


  1. I read Laura's comment about the RWTA sartorial scandal on SBTB and just wanted to say that I loved what you had to say in your post. And now that I've read some of your website, I love it too!

    I was going to say that the next logical paragraph in your comments is about the direction of sex and its depiction in the books themselves, but maybe that's what you're already talking about on your blog. I'll have to go through and see.

  2. Thanks!

    Eric, Sarah and I have written quite a lot about sexuality/sex/eros/the erotic. You'll find it all in the archives, but if you don't want to search through all that, then the posts in which I've dealt with the issue in most depth are: 'Romance Novels: Pornography or Literature?', 'Romance and Sex Education', and 'Voyeurism?' and here's Eric on eros and erotic romance and Sarah on 'Erotica vs. Porn'.