Monday, May 21, 2007

Sandra writes a guest column

Sandra's written this week's At the Back Fence column at All About Romance. She's taken a look at the issue of 'lust-thought in romance'. Is there a point at which a love-story becomes a lust-story?

Having been trained as a medievalist, I'm still wondering whether everyone was really talking about 'lust' in the theological sense of 'The inordinate craving for, or indulgence of, the carnal pleasure which is experienced in the human organs of generation' (New Catholic Encyclopedia) which is considered one of the seven 'capital' or deadly sins or whether other people were using the term 'lust' as a short word to describe physical attraction.

The photo is of a woodcut depicting 'The influences of the planet Venus; from the block-book The Planets, Hiedelberg, 1470-75' and comes from the Medieval Woodcuts Clipart Collection.

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  1. And Sandra was totally tickled pink when she was invited to write said guest column. :) Thanks for mentioning it, Laura!