Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Analysing Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels

No, not here. Kate Moore's leading a discussion about this novel over at Dishing with the Divas. Loretta Chase herself has promised to drop in on the conversation.

Kate's already thought of a few questions and ideas to get people started, and they're here and here.


  1. Good discussion. But it makes me want to go back and re-read "Lord of Scoundrels," because at the time it entertained me but I didn't think as much of it as the Divas obviously did. I actually think "Mr. Impossible" is the best of her books. An alpha-hero who is NOT trying to control the heroine, seduce her, or get something from her. To me, "Lord of Scoundrels" was much more "typical" of romance than "Daughter of the Lion" or "Captives of the Night." LOS featured one of those ugly heroes who is not really ugly, like all the romances about "plain" heroines who are not really plain. Perhaps I will give it a second reading.

  2. It's the only one of Loretta Chase's that I've come across (it was in a second-hand book shop, and there aren't any of hers in the libraries round here). I liked it, and the description of Dain made me think of Charles II, but I didn't really connect with it emotionally. That said, having an emotional connection with something isn't necessary in order to analyse it or find it well written.